MECS Engineering provides services in the following areas: 


·       Cogeneration / Power Plant Consulting:

     "Concept to Commissioning" consultancy to set up new Co-generation Plants, Power Plants, Captive power with any type of fuel/ source of energy  from 1 MW to 500 MW. Cogeneration is also known as CHP (combined heat

      and power). We also undertake feasibility/ preliminary study.        


·       Process and Piping Engineering:

     Preparation of flow diagrams, P&I Diagrams.  Detailed Engineering of

     Piping systems including preparation of Piping Layouts, Isometrics, material

     specifications, welding details, support design, Bill of materials, fabrication and

     testing requirements.

·       Piping Stress Analysis:

     MECS Engineering specializes in Piping Analysis - Static OR Dynamic i.e. dead

     weight, thermal, thrust, seismic, water/ steam hammer, transients, etc. to the

     code requirements of ASME B31.1, B31.3, section III, Nuclear class 1,2,3, etc.


·        Equipment and Plant layout:

     Development of plant and equipment layout based on the information provided

     by the client.


·        Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls Engineering:

     Development of P&IDs, controls and logics, schematic and wiring diagrams,

     Cable sizing, layouts and supporting, Cable schedule, selection of instruments,

     Instrument schedule database, Instrument Data/ Calibration sheets,



·        Verification of Engineering work as third party review:

      With growing demand of Engineering work in the industry and scarcity of experienced engineering personnel, maintaining quality of engineering work is becoming a challenge for big projects. Review of design at an early stage by experienced professional can save project over-runs and delays in schedule. With highly experienced engineering personnel, MECS can provide third party review and verify the work.


·        Obtaining Design Registration (CRN): 

      We can facilitate in obtating Canadian registration number (CRN) from Regulatory Authorities in Canada such as TSSA, ABSA, BCSA, ACI, etc.

·        Supervising Engineering work as Registered Licensed Engineers:

      We can assign our Professional Engineers to supervise the work done by engineers who are not registered/certified. With increasing trend in  outsourcing, this has become an acceptable norm in the industry.   

·        Preparation of drawings / technical documentation:

      In addition to the drafting work of in-house engineering work, our office in India has the capacity to handle additional drafting work. Lower wage rates in India have made OUTSOURCING an attractive alternative for large projects. 

·        Technical Personnel Supply:

      We are an excellent source of technical personnel, particularly from India.  Personnel supplied by MECS go through a rigorous screening process, including being interviewed by Professional Engineers. When required practical training is provided to meet the industry standards.    

·        Joint Ventures:

      With the vast experience of the technocrats involved, MECS can provide the expertise to explore any type of joint venture. 



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